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  • Requirements : Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 2.0 or later
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App Review - Beat The Tiki Lite - Moron or God?

Description: Are you craving adventure? Feeling pretty smart? With Beat The Tiki for iPhone and iPod Touch, your mission is to defeat Ku, the Tiki God of war, in a battle of wits. Think you have what it takes? Ku is ruthless in his assault, and the tests he throws at you are diabolical. The mighty Ku will lull you into a false sense of security with hypnotic tribal Tiki music, and Tiki inspired art. Don’t fall into his trap, because the stakes are high! If you beat him, you get to stay in his tropical paradise; but if you lose, he'll shrink your head for his collection!

Playing the game is easy, but winning takes patience. From your island (home screen) you can see your level and rank, or view your rewards. This is also where you'll pick your challenge. If you complete your first challenge, you collect your reward and see how you scored. Of course, If you fail, Ku shows you your own shrunken head! But don't worry, you can reclaim you head and restore it to its normal size by starting over from the beginning.

The scoreboard tells you your current and best times. With the global leader board you can even see how you rank worldwide! By completing the challenge, you also unlock the next, even more insane challenge.

With six separate timed challenges and 500 brain bending tasks, this simple but addictive app may just drive you crazy. There are 24 bonus rewards to collect along the way, to help you defeat the mighty Tiki God and keep your head.

You'll love it, you'll hate it, but one thing's for sure; with Beat The Tiki on your iPhone or iPod Touch you'll never be bored again! It's suitable for all ages and addictive right from the start. Just try to put it down. We dare you!ail and your head will be shrunk even more than it already is!


Word on the street...

"Love this game! It is super addictive, challenging, and tons of fun! This is the best IQ style game yet!" -- Cyberchk1 (customer)

"Couldn't stop until I obtained a place in paradise. Then I had to do it again but faster. The newest game I love to hate." -- ToadGirlKS (customer)

"It's the Moron Test that isn't!" -- Girl Gamer 5200 (customer)

"Best enjoyed with a couple of tall cocktail glasses filled with coconut rum and pineapple juice, with mini umbrellas sticking out of the top." - slideToPlay


For fans of:

The Moron Test
MindBlender Quiz
Pocket God
Wario Ware
Nintendo Wii


Play the first Tiki challenge for free!
Simple, casual, addictive gameplay
Fun for all ages (6-106!)
Game Timers! Challenge your friends' brains!
Beautiful tiki-inspired artwork
Hypnotic tribal music