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App Review - Zombie&Lawn

Description: Here is a brand new zombie game! Defeat the zombies with lawn mower.

- Story -

Thomas and his family move to a secluded house, but the neighborhood seems a little strange.
There are unidentified tombstones around the house... And the area is eerie.
It turns out that the house is sitting on what used to be a cemetery.
But Thomas'mom orders him to mow the lawn around the house every day and keep a log in his diary.
If he doesn't work, he won’t be getting any allowance.
Thomas starts to follow the order since the day he receives the diary...
However, there are zombies hiding in the lawn and Thomas has to fight them in order to get the job done....
Now, let's help Thomas defeat the zombies!!

- Characteristics -

The game can be set to Day Mode and Defense Mode (d-day).
Day Mode ? Remove zombies and plants within the assigned zone.
Defense Mode ? Protect dogs from zombies for the assigned period of time.

You can use one of three controllers.
- Personalize options to use Joystick, Tilt, or Drag to control the game.
Enjoy the game using what is most convenient for you.

About 30 thrilling stages
- More stages, backgrounds, and powerful zombies will be added with upgrades.

New zombies appear day after day for greater thrill.
- Meet 9 new kinds of zombies, i.e., prisoner zombies, nurse zombies, police officer zombies, and many more.

The color of your medal depends on the score you earn in each stage mode.
- Easy Mode (bronze medal), Normal Mode (silver medal), Hard Mode (gold medal)

On the 30th day, the last day of stage mode, enter a scary battle with the gigantic and powerful boss zombie!

Challenge Survival Mode and make it to the top of the world with your friend.
- Survival Mode becomes available when you clear all 30 stages.

If you waste too much time, you will be attacked by ghosts.
- Ghosts will chase you to attack you with powerful punches.

You can upgrade your skills to defeat even more powerful zombies.

Upgrade your lawn mower to improve attack power for powerful blowing strikes.

Use items for more strategic and exciting games.

Realistic background sound and sound effects make the game more fun.

Combo System ? If you make continuous attacks without getting attacked by any zombie, you will enter combos.
- With more combos, your chance of getting coins increases.

Register with openfeint to record your performances and make it to the top of the list.
Interlock with Twitter or Facebook through openfeint to enjoy the game even more.

- Inquiries -

twitter : http://twitter.com/#!/enterfly
facebook : http://facebook.com/zombielawn
e-mail : enterflyhelp@gmail.com